The Philadelphia Pentecostal Holiness Church of the Apostolic Faith is the continuation of the Judaic Christian Church, which started on the day of Pentecost in Jerusalem A.D. 33. This is our fundemental ecclesiology, which was laid down by Jesus, the Apostles and the Prophets. (Acts 2:1-12, 36, 38)

The Apostolic Church was the first church and all other churches started after the Apostolic church. This is precisely why oneness in Apostolic history is harder to find. Therefore, in order to find history concerning adherents of Acts 2:38 ecclesiology we had to research under such words & names as maoralic , monarchianism, patripassianism, or sabellianism. These Greek words & names stem from slander. Oneness Christians were often referred by these names (Dueteronomy 6:4)

Bishop Major Foster in the state of Delaware incorporated the Philadelphia Pentecostal Church in the year of 1968. The Church received its 501c3 status in 1975. We believe in the water baptism in Jesus name according  to Acts 2:38, Acts 8:16, Acts 10:48 & Acts 19:5, thus obeying & fulfilling Matthew 29:19 Father, Son, Holy Ghost, which is Jesus. (Acts 9:5, St. John 5:43, Matthew 1:2-10,23, St. John 14:26, Acts 4:12, and I Corinthians 2:9-13)

​​Philadelphia Pentecostal Apostolic Church